Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Beginnings

Since the New Year is the expected time for new beginnings, I won't disappoint you.

However, in the past I've tried to "transform" myself--physically, mentally--a bit too fast. I've also not taken enough ownership of the changes necessary. So this time, I plan to take my time and log what I'm doing on this blog--where I succeed, where I fail.

I've decided for now to keep myself anonymous, but that may change.

However, a bit about myself: I'm 59+, male, overweight, pre-diabetic, prone to back problems (two surgeries in my past), some problems with my right shoulder (can't sleep on that side), sleep problems (rarely sleep through the night--often awake for a couple hours, then back to sleep), not as disciplined as I'd like . . . well, you get the idea.

I'm currently away from home, so this program won't start with a bang on January 1 (all the better, I think!), but I'll ease my way in. I'm back on the 7th, but will try to blog each day a bit about what I'm trying to do and how I'll do it.

I'll be honest with results (weight, exercise, lab reports) and include photos where appropriate, to hold me accountable.

Transformation, indeed!

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