Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 1 . . . and the ugly truth

So, day one of the transformation--although it started earlier with planning, of course.

First, the ugly truth (OK, that's overkill!) about where I am now:

Bodyfat percentage:

Front view:

Back view:


As you can tell, I have far too much of the weight around the middle that is so damaging metabolically. The plan is to change that!

After getting up, I walked for about 20 minutes, did my back exercises, then took these pictures before a breakfast of a protein shake (water, 1 scoop designer whey, 1 scoop of metabolic drive low-carb, heaping tablespoon of all-natural yoghurt (full fat), couple tablespoons of cream, and a couple tablespoons of virgin coconut oil). I'll likely alternate this with eggs.

Lunch out with colleagues while at work--an Italian restaurant--so a salad with salmon. No bread, water to drink. Then dinner fixed by my wife: grass-fed steak (much better fat profile, no hormones or antibiotics), green beans with butter, and a mandarin orange, plus one dove dark chocolate. Before going to bed, a much smaller version of the protein shake without so much fat, partly to take my magnesium and zinc, which tend to give me a bit of heartburn.

So that's the start . . .

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