Monday, January 18, 2010

Week One. . .

First, here are the results for the week (weight from Monday, January 19, 2010):

So, down 6 pounds, not unusual at the beginning of a low-carb diet, when you ditch water pretty fast. I still feel a bit bloated, so it will take my body another week or so to make the transition to low carb.

The week was fine in terms of eating. I kept quite strict, only having a salad with chicken tenders (i.e. breaded) when at an Italian restaurant Sunday with friends. It was the least objectionable option (that I liked). I'm too picky about which vegetables I like and have too small a repertoire. I'll work on that at some point, but not now.

Exercise stayed on track, but minimal. Today I walked with my wife for about 30 minutes, followed by my back exercises. Again, I'm trying to limit the number of changes I'm making to only one or two at a time. The temptation to do too much at once (and fail) is strong! But I know from past experience that I need to introduce changes slowly.

I've had cluster headaches for some years now--and the term "suicide headaches" is an apt one! When they're really bad, they're truly unbearable. The worst episode had my blood pressure (when I went in to urgent care) over 200, really frightening. I haven't had any episodes as bad as that for a couple years, and my doctor recommended a blood pressure medication (amlodipine) and naproxen on an ongoing basis. Usually acetaminophen in addition is needed when I have attacks.

This week has been a time of mild attacks. It's hard to know if the diet has anything to do with it. I'm also under a bit of stress right now, so that could be a part of it, too.

All in all, not too bad for a first week. It's the long road that counts.

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