Monday, March 15, 2010

Update - 15 March 2010

Hmmm . . . .

The first week I haven't lost--and gained slightly, but I can understand. Sunday we had lunch at a new Mexican restaurant: (ribeye) carne asada, but also two chips, half a margarita, and some of the beans and rice (oh yeah, and about half an avocado). Not too bad. But Sunday evening was dinner at friends: controlled on appetizers, but a fair number of almonds and some cheese (no crackers), plus a glass and a half of white wine. Dinner (which didn't come until around 8 PM--daylight savings began) was salad (nice!), one very small piece of bread, chicken (lovely!), mixed veggies, and some rice/wild rice/mushroom pilaf. I didn't eat all the pilaf, but did eat about half. Also another glass and a half of red wine. Then dessert was berries and a champagne/chambord cocktail with some raspberries in it.

Again, a really lovely meal, but more carbs than I've been eating (lots more, actually), more total food than I've been eating, and FAR more alcohol than I've been drinking! I felt a bit bloated and slow and a bit hung over/dry mouth that night and this morning. I have to behave better this week, if only to feel better!

At that, gained 1/2 pound this week and I'd imagine some of that was retained water from the two meals on Sunday. If I remember, I'll check tomorrow morning for a more realistic look at weight. Or . . . the slowdown may have begun!


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