Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb 1 update - end of Week 3

So . . . slow to post lately. Will have to improve!

This Week (after 3 weeks):

. . . and bodyfat

How have I done?

Down another 3.5 pounds, total 11 pounds in 3 weeks, better than I would have expected. Body fat percentage is much harder to gauge, since electric impedance measuring of body fat can vary widely, depending on how much water you're retaining. It's particularly hard to gauge versus my opening body fat, which measured 33%, then to 37% for the next two weeks, and now 36%. Assuming I stay on target with lower carbs, then I should be more consistent, so probably the 37% is fine for a beginning measuring point. But small losses won't mean much, week to week. It'll be the longer-term changes, trending in the right direction, which will be significant.

From a compliance standpoint, it's been great and I've been able to do so without any real feelings of  hardship, even when going to a Mexican restaurant and avoiding the chips and salsa (earlier I would have scarfed down the equivalent of a basket before even starting the meal--and probably had a coke to drink as well). At home, I've kept to good foods, moderate snacking on nuts, and my one indulgence every night of one dove dark chocolate.

I've also had several days with no lunch--just the schedule, not a deliberate attempt--which is the beginnings of doing some intermittent fasting. I'll do more of that, no doubt, aiming for a couple days a week with a longer fast (perhaps dinner to dinner: no breakfast or lunch).

My walking has been at least a few days a week, 3 to 4 times. Back exercises the same. I will work to make more consistent.

I went to Bikram Yoga last week. The session was as remembered . . . very intense, but good. I was sore the next couple days, particularly my back and shoulders. I would love to do this . . . but the Bikram place is quite a distance and when I went (for the 8:30 AM class) the traffic was nasty. Left an hour before, got there about 10 minutes before class was to begin. Unpleasant, to say the least! That means leaving at 7:30, class until 10 AM, ca. 35 minutes home, shower/ablute/dress, eat, and get to school ca. 11:30. I simply can't afford that. And with an 8 AM class two days a week, it doesn't combine very well.

They have a 5:30 AM class, which probably means leaving by 4:45 and getting up by 4:15 or so. Even then, I can't do this and be back for my 8 AM classes, so I'd have to do it on other days. The biggest problem, though, is that I'm a musician and have many evenings at concerts. To get up at 4:15 every morning, but have evenings when I don't get home until 10 PM (and am usually fairly wired) would likely mean not enough sleep.

A dilemma. I might try the early class to see how it feels, but it's a challenge to make it work, get to bed early enough consistently enough to make it worthwhile. We'll see.

By the way, this week the cluster headaches finally gave up and went away! I'm so happy to be headache-free and not taking tylenol in addition to naproxen!

Will try to write more often.

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