Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 6 Update

Sorry that it's been weekly posts almost exclusively, but life has been too busy. Diet goes along fine. Was with my choir  Sunday night for a gig and the only food around was pizza for the choir, so I had two slices. No bad effects and no rebound desire for carbs--of course, it wasn't really very good pizza! Anyway, doing fine, staying fairly paleo/low carb without huge urges. I normally have one (only one!) Dove or Hershey's Bliss chocolate in the evening and sometimes some nuts as well. I still feel the urge to eat more than one, but it's not strong and not much effort to say, "no."

Crazy schedule has meant crazy sleep/waking patterns, not the best for me, so walking has been less frequent and core exercises as well. My back was also feeling really unstable and I think I may have tweaked it with one of the exercises, so I'm taking it a little easy, but will also ease back in.

I've been doing lots of reading about concentration, focus, time management, etc., etc. Some great stuff and I'll share some when I have time.

But this "transformation" is not meant to be just physical: I want to be more in control of my life and how I live it, to be able to accomplish what I want, to learn to be fully present whether at work or at play (and blur the lines between them, so that all seems to be play). Again, the process is important for me and is the focus, rather than the result, because I want the changes I make to be a true transformation . . . and a permanent one.

This week's results:


Six weeks, 18 pounds, 3 pounds this week and 3 pounds/week average. I still expect a slow-down, but enjoying it doing what it's doing.

I have been around 225 in recent memory, but once I go below 220 it'll be a territory I haven't seen for some time. And under 200 will take me back at least 15 (maybe 20?) years.

I feel better (lighter, for sure) with more energy and focus. Just trying to stay with the process and change how I look at and use food.

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