Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 4 post

Still keeping faith with the transformation of my diet. When out at a Mexican restaurant Saturday (in between scholarship auditions) I was more tempted than usual by the chips, but didn't. That evening, we ended up at an Italian restaurant with friends where my choice was a lovely filet of sole, breaded (I didn't pick it off) in a tasty sauce with crab, shrimp and crayfish -- mmm! No bread, but a little of my wife's Pinot Grigio. Today lunch with a colleague at a sub (sandwich) shop: salad made with sub fixin's (smoked turkey, provolone, bacon) and I did have a little honey mustard dressing, so some sugar there, for sure.

My wife's been making lovely dinners. Tonight: chili (beef, no beans), guacamole, carrot sticks, celery sticks, and half an apple. Last night, smoked pork chops, green beans, cole slaw (not creamy, but made with a fabulous California olive oil flavored with blood orange), and some avacado chunks a few slices of orange.

Most breakfasts have been protein drinks (as before, water, one scoop Designer Whey, one scoop Metabolic Drive, some coconut oil, a scoop of natural full-fat yogurt, and a little cream).

Walking has been slightly more often (probably four days this week) and the associated back/core exercises.

Sleep's been variable, last night not good at all. Went to bed, mind ran around in circles, and got up again. Asleep at 3 or so, up at 6:45.

I've been reading a lot about willpower, concentration, focus, meditation, etc., figuring out my next step in transformation (I'll say more about the reading later). It will probably be beginning a meditation practice, at least one of those times before bed. As I stated earlier, I need a bedtime routine, with meditation (and some space) after any TV, reading, or computer work (like this, at 11:24 PM!). A way to transition. I'll probably begin next week. Again, no hurry. I want these changes to be permanent, not (as before) a short-term effort.

Weight this week:

Another 3.5 pounds lost, total of 14.5 pounds over 4 weeks.
In some ways that's scary, because I want to remain focused on process and long-term change of habits. I know this can't continue, so in a way need a plateau--that sounds strange, but these losses become motivating. I want motivation to come from within and for the right reasons.

So, keep my mind focused on the changes in eating habits and how good I feel.

And have I said how good I feel? Much better, more energy, more concentration (although if I can get my sleep squared away it will be even better). Hands not stiff, sore, and arthritic feeling in the morning. The walks feel great and I walk at a faster pace. 

Miles to go, but you can only get there one step at at time . . .

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