Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 5 Update

This week was interesting--Thursday I made a trip to a conference in San Antonio, which meant traveling on a bus with a group and so meals were not as disciplined (or as many choices) as usual. However, I didn't do badly at all, and much better than I would have before in such a situation!

Bus stop near fast food places for dinner on Thursday: Wendy's chili and a fish sandwich (eating only the fish), but with beans in the chili and breading on the fish, still more carbs than I've been getting. A bit of chocolate chip cookie upon arrival at the hotel (but that was all!). Friday morning breakfast: eggs, bacon and fruit (more fruit than I've been doing, too).  Friday day, shared Margarita (scratch margarita, but probably still containing a simple syrup, I'm sure) and taco salad. Some nuts for a snack later in the afternoon, then nothing until after a concert: a full margarita, then at a reception late Friday (9:30-10:30, much later than I've been eating) more fruit (quite a bit more), a fair amount of cheese, and meatballs with a somewhat sweet bbq sauce . . . then more cheese. Saturday's trip back home had a similar breakfast and the same fast food stop on the way home, but this time a deli with a nice chef's salad (with a small amount of honey mustard dressing).

Both Saturday and Sunday early when I woke up I had the sore, arthritic kind of pain, inflexibility in my hands--which I haven't had for several weeks.

In the end (or when closer to goal--whatever that is!) it will be interesting to experiment adding back food types one at a time (bread/other wheat, beans, corn, potatoes, etc.) and seeing what the result is (reactions like the arthritic ones, raised blood sugar, etc.). But that's an experiment which is some ways off!




So, the plateau is here (or at least, the reaction to Thursday/Friday/Saturday changes and perhaps water retention)--one half pound weight loss and body fat similar (again, with BF it's much harder to know if small changes week to week are significant or not).
It's fine, nice to see I didn't gain . . . and a half pound per week is still OK, even over the longer term.

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